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Spend your holiday in Serbia and get dental treatment for affordable prices. Save up to 75 % of your dental treatment: teeth whitening, implants of titanium, porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges, dentures.

Welcome to Serbia!

You are on the website dedicated to the development of Dental Tourism in Serbia. The basic idea of this site is to be the link between dental offices in Serbia and patients all around the World. Our intention was to offer our visitors the reliable and high-class information at one place, in the scope of dentistry and the rich touristic offer of Serbia as well.

What is Dental Tourism? 

Dental Tourism is a branch of medical tourism representing the phenomenon when many people travel outside their countries in order to do the dental interventions. It’s a kind of a Holiday in Dental Health service.

Why Dental Tourism? 

The main reasons for Dental Tourism popularity increase are significantly lower prices of dental services in some countries and the possibility of quick and cheap travelling to your destination. Also, one of the motives is exploring other countries and cultures. In one word, it is a combination of beautiful and useful while saving considerable amounts of money.

Why Serbia? 

Serbia is very interesting destination to dental tourists because besides the low prices, it offers high quality dental services.
The Dentists from Serbia are among the most wanted experts in the World precisely due to their high quality education and practice obtained during the study. Only those who have finished the Faculty of Dental Medicine, gained practice, specialized in a particular area and got the appropriate license may perform dental procedures. Also, a favorable geographic location and transport infrastructure make the access to the desired destination very quickly and at low-cost.

SAVE UP TO 75% on your dental treatment with travel cost included. Visit and meet  Serbia!

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